Processed audio missing when relaunching DAW

If you are encountering an issue with the processed audio not being applied after relaunching a DAW project, this article provides more details and a workaround.


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Known issue
Issue reported: May 23, 2024
Article updated: June 19, 2024



Processed audio is missing when relaunching DAW project

When reopening a DAW project, the SoundID VoiceAI processed audio tracks are no longer present. The processing state in the plugin shows “Audio processing complete!“, and the effect is Enabled, but the original unprocessed audio is playing.




You can export the SoundID VoiceAI processed track before it resets and deletes, and then import it back to the track. 



Report the issue to us

If you are encountering this issue, sharing your log files and additional data would be helpful for our team to investigate the problem further:

  1. Recreate the issue and extract the log files of the next session where the issue was present: Locating SoundID VoiceAI log files
  2. Take a screenshot of the Cache folder. For locating the cache folder, follow the steps here: Where can I find the raw audio files generated?
  3. Compress the log files and share them with our Support Team by submitting a request below.

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