Sonarworks licensing service is not running

If you're encountering an issue with the Sonarworks license service when loading the SoundID VoiceAI plugin, this guide provides a solution.


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Sonarworks licensing service is not running

If the Sonarworks licensing service is not running, you may be getting a "Please start the Sonarworks license service" message in the SoundID VoiceAI plugin when opening it, or a "Sonaroworks License URL Handler" pop-up message during activation: 


license service not running in plugin.png

licensing pop-up web.png



  1. Go to Settings > General > Login items
  2. Under the Allow in the Background section, find Sonarworks SIA
  3. Toggle it to ON

login items.png



  1. Launch Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del > Task Manager)
  2. Navigate to the Services tab
  3. Right-click on SonarworksLicenseService > Restart




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