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How much does SoundID VoiceAI cost? Tokens and minutes - SoundID VoiceAI pay-as-you-go model explained.


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How tokens work

Since the audio processing is cloud-based and server costs are calculated on per-minute basis, SoundID VoiceAI is a pay-as-you-go model, enabling you to pay for the token packs needed for audio processing only. There are no subscription fees or other hidden charges involved, and the SoundID VoiceAI plugin itself is free to download and install. Here is what you need to know:

  • Processing cost: 600 tokens = 1 minute of audio processing.
  • A minimum charge of 70 tokens (7 seconds) applies for each processing instance, followed by 10 tokens (1 second) increments.
  • Transpose adjustments to an already processed audio capture will require re-processing


How are tokens calculated when processing audio?

Here's a realistic example of tokens spent in a specific scenario - vocal replacement for a full song:

  1. Capturing a 12 seconds sample audio of a voice track
  2. Processing the sample with 5 voice presets and trying 3 different Transpose settings on each preset to find the best fit: 12x5x3 = 180 seconds / 3 minutes = 1800 tokens
  3. Processing the entire vocal track of 2.5 minutes = 1500 tokens
  4. Total processing time and token cost: 5.5 minutes = 3300 tokens


SoundID VoiceAI token packs

SoundID VoiceAI token packs can be purchased from your Sonarworks Account:

  • Small token pack: 72,000 tokens (120 minutes of audio processing) - 19.99 EUR/USD
  • Medium token pack: 180,000 tokens (300 minutes of audio processing) - 39.99 EUR/USD
  • Large token pack: 360,000 tokens (600 minutes of audio processing) - 69.99 EUR/USD


A 7-day trial with 9000 free tokens is available in your Sonarworks Account. If you haven't created a Sonarworks Account in the past, sign up here


Note: The trial tokens will expire once the 7-day trial runs out, or once a token purchase is made. 


Buy tokens in Sonarworks Account.png


Where can I see my token balance?

You can see the SoundID VoiceAI token balance in your Sonarworks Account. To view the token balance:

  1. Log into your Sonarworks Account via a browser
  2. Scroll down to SoundID VoiceAI on the Licenses & Devices page
  3. View token balance: Tokens left


Token balance in Sonarworks Account.png

  1. Open your DAW
  2. Load the SoundID VoiceAI plugin
  3. See the token balance in the top right corner
SIDVAI tokens balance in plugin.png


Are subscription plans available?

No, not yet. Currently, only the pay-as-you-go token system is in place. A subscription plan might be introduced future.


Refund and warranty policy

All purchases made in Sonarworks Store and user account are subject to general returns policies, complying with the Consumer Law and other legal requirements:

  • 14-day Right Of Withdrawal - you may request a refund within 14 days after the purchase if you have not used any of the tokens.
  • Warranty - products purchased in Sonarworks Store are subject to a 2-year warranty policy. 


Note: Used tokens won't be reimbursed. 


Learn more here: Warranty and returns.

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