Where can I purchase SoundID VoiceAI?

The processing time it takes for the SoundID VoiceAI to process your captured audio is paid by tokens. This guide will show you where and how to buy SoundID VoiceAI tokens. 


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Tokens and minutes

SoundID VoiceAI is a pay-as-you-go model, enabling you to pay for the token packs needed for audio processing only. There are no subscription fees or other hidden charges involved, and the SoundID VoiceAI plugin itself is free to download and install. Here is what you need to know:

  • Processing cost: 600 tokens per 1 minute of audio processing.
  • A minimum charge of 70 tokens (7 seconds) applies for each processing instance, followed by increments of 10 tokens (1 second).
  • Transpose adjustments to an already processed audio capture will require re-processing


Where can I purchase SoundID VoiceAI tokens? 

SoundID VoiceAI token packs can be purchased from your Sonarworks Account:

  • Small token pack: 72,000 tokens (120 minutes of audio processing) - 19.99 EUR/USD
  • Medium token pack: 180,000 tokens (300 minutes of audio processing) - 39.99 EUR/USD
  • Large token pack: 360,000 tokens (600 minutes of audio processing) - 69.99 EUR/USD


A 7-day trial with 9000 free tokens is available in your Sonarworks Account. If you haven't created a Sonarworks Account in the past, sign up here


Note: The trial tokens will expire once the 7-day trial runs out, or once a token purchase is made. 


Buy tokens in Sonarworks Account.png


Token history

To see an overview of your past purchases, click on Token history below your license in your account. Here you can see both your purchase history, as well as your Action history. In the latter, you can see how many tokens you've spent, per date. 

Token history.png


Token history2.png

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