If you've made a purchase of SoundID VoiceAI tokens in Sonarworks Store and would like to receive an invoice, this guide provides information on where to find it and how to request an updated invoice.


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Order invoice

Once the order payment has cleared, you will receive an email with order confirmation, amount of minutes purchased, and the invoice included as a PDF attachment. 


Invoice update request

The invoice will contain the billing details, as provided by the customer in the order details. In case the email was not received or you wish to change some of the invoice details (additional VAT number or other details), submit a support request below, or send a message to

Make sure to include all the necessary details in your request. Your inquiry will be attended to by the Sonarworks Support and an updated invoice will be sent to you.


Invoicing for VAT refunds

VAT refunds are also available for Sonarworks Store orders within 14 days of the purchase. Terms and conditions apply, learn more here: VAT refunds

After a VAT refund is complete, our team will get back to you in your support request thread, and include an updated, VAT-exempt invoice.

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