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If you require a VAT refund on your purchase for SoundID VoiceAI tokens, in the Sonarworks Store, this guide provides information on how to request a VAT refund.


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For EU countries, VAT applies when purchasing token packs in the the Sonarworks Store. Based on your country of residence, the VAT rate will be calculated in addition to the price. This rule applies to all products in Sonarworks Store, as long as the customer is based in an EU Member State.

The VAT rate will be applied as follows:

  • Software products: customer's residence state VAT rate, check here.


For most non-EU countries VAT is not applied, however, there are a few exceptions: Australia, Canada, Norway, the UK, and some US states (New Jersey, Illinois, and Georgia). This is due to the fact that in these countries/states, Sonarworks has reached the Sales/VAT tax nexus. 

For the exceptions mentioned above, VAT is calculated on top of the product price - this will be displayed during checkout in Sonarworks Store. VAT refunds for the exception countries/states listed above can be requested from your local state revenue office. Learn more here: Customs, duties, and taxes.


VAT refund eligibility

VAT-exempt purchases are not available in the SoundID VoiceAI section of your account. Instead, for registered business customers Sonarworks operates with post-purchase VAT refunds. The following conditions must be met for VAT refund eligibility:

  • Registered business in an EU Member State
  • VAT number valid for cross-border transactions within the EU
  • The registered business address must match your order billing details
  • VAT refund request must be submitted within 14 days of the purchase


IMPORTANT! VAT refunds are only processed if the request is submitted within the 14-day Right Of Withdrawal policy. It is still possible to claim VAT refunds at your local state revenue office. For this, you will need an updated order invoice with your registered business VAT number included, learn more here: Invoicing.


Requesting a VAT refund

  1. Submit a support request or message to
  2. Provide Company name
  3. Provide VAT number
  4. Include your order number (#SWAI-XXXX)

Once the request is approved, our Support Team will get back to you to confirm that the VAT refund has been issued, and will also include an updated VAT-exempt invoice.


Note: Refunds will be issued via the same payment method as used by the customer in the original Sonarworks Store order. Most refunds will be processed instantly but some delays are expected depending on the payment provider used by the customer. For payment status updates, contact your payment provider (your bank, PayPal, etc.).

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