Data erasure request procedure (GDPR)

Information on the data erasure request procedure at Sonarworks. This Data erasure procedure is the same across all Sonarworks products.

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  1. Data erasure rights within GDPR
  2. Personal data types collected by Sonarworks
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Data erasure rights within GDPR

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides customers with the “right to be forgotten”, which means that Sonarworks product users can request the erasure of certain data Sonarworks may hold. It should be noted that in certain circumstances in accordance with article 17(3) of the GDPR, we may not be able to erase all the information you have requested.

For more information on GDPR and the "Right to be forgotten", we recommend visiting this article on the official EU GDPR site:


Personal data types collected by Sonaworks

Consent date - Data that is used for marketing purposes. Is deleted immediately upon GDPR data erasure request

Legitimate interest data - marketing contact details, educational program status, and product analytics data*

 This data can be erased/anonymized* upon the end-user request. Note that new analytics data will continue to be collected upon continuous product usage. 

Functional data - contractual information, including basic product functionality data (required for basic product functionality, such as license activation, Sonarworks Account access, etc.)

This data can be erased/anonymized upon the user's request, and continuous analytics data gathering can be stopped permanently, but it requires the contractual terms to be terminated on behalf of the product end-user

Permanent data - support interactions, accounting data, activation history. This data is required to be retained by law, even if the contract is terminated or any other data is deleted


How to request data erasure

To request a data erasure for your Consent or Legitimate Interest Data, follow these steps:

  1. Submit a data erasure request by submitting a support request below, or send an email to Make sure to include the following information:

    Your full name
    Your email address
    Request to erase/anonymize Legitimate Interest Data


After completing the steps above and submitting your request, our Support Team will get back to you to confirm that the data has been erased/anonymized.


NOTE! The existing history of product analytics data can be erased, however, with continuous product usage, new analytics data will be gathered according to Sonarworks Privacy Policy


To erase your Functional Data the termination of the contract with the product end-user is required on behalf of the product regarding which data are collected. To delete and permanently stop the collection of Functional Data please proceed as follows:

  1. Delete your Sonarworks Account as shown in this article: How to update your Sonarworks Account user details
  2. Send your request for contractual term termination to our Legal Team at this email address: including the following details:

    Your full name
    Your email address
    Your product license activation key(s)
    Request to delete Functional Data

After completing the steps above and submitting your request, our Legal and Support teams will get back to you to confirm that the contractual terms have been terminated.


IMPORTANT! Termination of contractual terms will result in the deletion of your Sonaworks Account(s), and the loss of your product license which will not be recoverable in any way

Learn more about Sonarworks legal policies here: Sonarworks Legal

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