Is SoundID VoiceAI-created content legal and copyright-free?

Are the voice presets legal? Who owns the copyright on the final content created with SoundID VoiceAI?


Do you have legal permissions for the training data?

Yes, all voice presets have been trained legally with required permissions from involved parties. We are committed to building ethical AI products that respect the legal requirements and work to support and enhance the work of the creators. Some of the presets represent individual singers while some are synthesized to represent voice types commonly used for music production.

We will continue to expand the voice catalog to widen the range of creative possibilities as well as build and release new features for the plugin. Stay tuned!



Do I own the copyright on the content created with SoundID VoiceAI?

Yes, all the SoundID VoiceAI voice and instrument presets are free from copyright restrictions.


Sonarworks does not claim any rights over your created content. Sonarworks customers retain full ownership of their SoundID VoiceAI-processed audio content for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

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