Why do I have to buy tokens (not a permanent licence)?

Why tokens?


The SoundID VoiceAI technology currently demands considerable CPU processing power every time you run the plugin to process audio. Because of this, the processing happens in the cloud and takes some time to complete. It also means that every time you process audio using the SoundID VoiceAI plugin, it creates server costs on our side, and those costs depend on the length of the audio you process.


Consequently, a perpetual license model is simply not viable at this stage - the price of the plugin would just have to be ridiculously high to cover unlimited processing over the lifetime of the product.


This leaves us with two options: making it a subscription model or charging users based on the amount of audio they process. We chose to start with the second option since we know many creators prefer to avoid subscription commitments. Hopefully, you can see value in the fairness and transparency this pay-as-you-go model offers to everyone.


With the current pricing, 1 hour of audio processing costs you approximately 6.99-9.99 USD, which should be plenty to produce at least a couple of vocal-intense songs even if you play around and experiment with the plugin quite a bit. We hope that you'll find use cases for SoundID VoiceAI that justify this cost.


With that said, AI processing is new territory for all of us. We are excited by the possibilities it brings to the table and want to explore ways to make it useful and convenient for music creators. We shall keep working to improve the product, potentially making it more affordable along the way. As always, we're open to listening to your suggestions and feedback and improving based on that.

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