[WIN] How to uninstall SoundID VoiceAI

Uninstall SoundID VoiceAI from your computer - plugins, software data, and more. Follow the steps provided below to completely remove the software from your device.

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Uninstalling SoundID VoiceAI plugins

To uninstall the SoundID VoiceAI plugins, access the Installed Apps list on your computer, then uninstall the software:

  1. Click on the Start Menu, and go to Settings > Apps > Installed Apps
  2. Type "SoundID VoiceAI" in the search bar to find the installed components
  3. Click on ... (options) > Uninstall for all SoundID VoiceAI components:


Removing the Sonarworks folder (settings and audio files)

SoundID VoiceIA stores files such as log files, generated audio tracks, and other data on your computer. This data is stored in the Sonarworks folder and can be deleted by navigating to the directory shown below.

Keep in mind that deleting the Sonarworks folder will delete any generated audio tracks you have created with the plugin. If you're not using any other Sonarworks products, you can remove the Sonarworks folder too.


Note: The AppData directory is hidden by default. To view hidden files, see detailed instructions here: How to show hidden files on Mac and Windows

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