How to show hidden files on Mac and Windows

SoundID VoiceAI files are located under hidden directories on Windows and macOS. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to locate these files. 

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Why show hidden files and folders?

Accessing hidden files and folders might be necessary to perform certain actions with SoundID VoiceAI (for example, collecting log files, or accessing the audio files generated using the plugin). 


Show hidden files on macOS

  1. Open the Finder app
  2. Press Command + Shift + . (Dot)
  3. Repeat the command to hide them again



Hidden files can also be shown and hidden again by executing these commands in the Terminal utility:


defaults write "AppleShowAllFiles" -bool "true" && killall Finder
defaults write "AppleShowAllFiles" -bool "false" && killall Finder


Show hidden files on Windows

  1. Click on View in Windows Explorer
  2. Check the Hidden Items checkbox
  3. Uncheck the Hidden Items checkbox to hide hidden items again



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