[MAC] Preset previews not working in Logic Pro

Logic Pro treats effects plugins and virtual instruments differently to save CPU power: plugins are in a "standby mode" when playback is not engaged and when there is no audio present on a track. As a result, the SoundID VoiceAI preset preview works only during active playback, if there is audio on the track, or if input monitoring is turned on.


How to enable input monitoring in Logic Pro?

If you can't hear previews in Logic Pro, you can enable input monitoring to resolve this. To enable input monitoring in your Logic Pro project:

  1. Add your audio track
  2. Click the Input Monitoring button (with the "I" icon) in the mixer for your track

With input monitoring turned on, voice and creative preset previews in the SoundID VoiceAI plugin will work now.

Enable input monitoring.png

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