"Connection failed. Check your internet connection" alert

If you encounter the "Connection failed. Check your internet connection" message, find information on how to proceed below.


"Connection failed. Check your internet connection"

The "Connection failed. Check your internet connection" warning message can appear when you're processing audio. If this happens, an internet connection could not be established. 


Connection failed.png


When encountering this alert, the following is worth double-checking. 

  • It may be worth checking your internet connection
  • Connect to a different network - if available, connect to a different Wi-Fi network or even a mobile hotspot (Android guide, iOS guide);
  • VPN/Proxy - if you have a VPN or Proxy active, consider temporarily disabling it during the audio processing (navigate to "Network & Internet" settings on Windows, "Network" preferences on macOS); 
  • Antivirus/Firewall - if you have any Antivirus protection or Firewall active, consider whitelisting SoundID Reference and/or Sonarworks;


If an issue persists, reach out to support below. 

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Not wifi problem, not firewall problem… but ever “Connection failed”


Hi raul.navas, thanks for reaching out, sorry to hear there is an issue present! 

Can you let us know what DAW you are using? Are you by any chance using a VPN? 

I will also open up a support request on your behalf, so we can have this looked at right away. 


Ableton Live 11. But Ableton is limited in firewall... could this be the problem?


raul.navas, yes, that would potentially cause a connection issue. I suggest reviewing the firewall settings you have set up. SoundID VoiceAI does need access to an internet connection for the features to function.


I submitted a request about this problem 3 days ago but have not yet received a response. 80% of the time I get “Connection failed” regardless of whether the firewall is disabled or not. My connection is stable and fast so that is not the problem. I booted Cubase just now and it worked, for 1 capture. 2 mins later for the second capture it failed again. I think you have a plugin problem as it fails and works randomly regardless of network or firewall settings while connected to a stable fast wifi. Such a disapointment as I am really enjoying using this and, as a pro producer, would certainly be buying a package if it would work reliably.


I have the same problem, I registered from the site but when I first open the plugin it asks me to login. But I can't log in  ("not connected to the internet" alert) I am connected to the internet. I reset all settings, but no result….👎👎👎


Hi futuro1 - thanks for reaching out! Your support request was received and was also replied to on Monday this week. Please check whether our response may have been filtered into the spam/promotions folders, that sometimes can happen. I have also sent you another follow up requesting some additional details based on the information you provided in your comment. 

Jasur Rajabov - I see you have submitted a ticket regarding your issue as well, which we have responded to. Does it make any difference if you first log into your account via a browser, then navigate from the plugin to the browser to sign in and then try to activate SoundID VoiceAI? Are you taken to the same browser when navigating from the plugin, or is it a different browser that opens? Thanks!

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