Error messages and warnings when processing audio

Error and warning messages could appear when you are processing audio with the SoundID VoiceAI plugin. This guide explains what to do when encountering an error or warning.


Error messages and warnings

You might encounter these error messages and warnings in some scenarios:

  • "Error. Processing failed for unknown reason. Please try again later or contact our support."
  • "Processing failed. Bad input audio."
  • "Processing failed. Bad processing parameters."


What should I do when encountering errors and warning messages?

When an error or warning message appears, follow the instructions included in it. Most often it will be suggested to try processing the audio track again - it is highly likely this will resolve the issue encountered earlier.


If the problem persists, reach out to our Support Team by submitting a support request below with the following information:

  1. DAW you are using;
  2. Plugin type (AU, AAX, VST3);
  3. Actions done that triggered the error/warning message;
  4. Share your audio file;
  5. Share any screenshots/screenrecordings that help showing the issue;
  6. Share the latest SoundID VoiceAI log files: Locating SoundID VoiceAI log files.

Our team will review your report and will help with resolving the problem as quickly as possible. 

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